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SCC3 SCC3 Solar Charge Controller kit 12 Volt, 20 Amp solar charge controller that is installed between a photovoltaic panel and a battery for charge regulation. The SCC3 is designed for cabin-sized solar power systems, stand-alone solar devices, portable and automotive/marine solar power systems.
DAS1 DAS1 Dark Activated Switch kit 12 Volt, 10 Amp dark activated load switch that is used for automatic on-at-dark lighting systems. Features built-in dual white LED light source, On-Off-Auto switch and low voltage disconnect (LVD) with automatic reconnect. Works alone or in conjunction with the SCC3.
LVD1 LVD1 Low Voltage Disconnect kit 12 Volt, 15 Amp low voltage disconnect (LVD) circuit with auto and manual restart. For automatic power control of remote solar-powered devices. Features adjustable on and off voltages, low voltage indication before disconnect and an isolated L.V. signal for pre-shutoff warning. Works alone or in conjunction with the SCC3.
BVM1 BVM1 Battery Voltage Monitor kit 12 Volt color-coded LED voltmeter with low power consumption. For monitoring 12V solar/alternative energy power systems and automotive/marine/RV batteries. One of ten color-coded ultra-bright LEDs will blink to indicate battery voltage in .5 Volt steps from 10.5V to 15V. Includes a switch-enabled beeper that warns of a low battery condition. Works alone or in conjunction with the SCC3.

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