CirKits SCC3 Solar Charge Controller Photo Gallery

SCC3 and VW solar panel
The SCC3 wired to charge a 12V 7AH gell cell battery from a 3W VW solar panel.

SCC3 on power panel
The SCC3 installed in a power panel for an off-grid cabin. PV array is 180 Watt/15A.

Large Battery Bank
A large battery bank that is charged by the SCC3. The bank consists of six Trojan T105 deep cycle lead acid batteries (6V/225A/H) wired for 12V at 675 A/H.

SCC3 in a custom box
Ron Stalma sent in this photo of his SCC3 kit installed in a custom silk-screened box.

SCC3 and Ten-Tec Argo
Solar powered ham radio station, 10W PV, 7Ah battery, SCC3 and BVM1

More SCC3 Installations

A site called uses an SCC3 to provide DC power for a small boat.

Harry Stephens (KI6PSZ) provided this testimonial:

The SCC3 kit arrived yesterday and I spent several hours last night and this
morning assembling it.  I haven't done much soldering for 20+ years, but I
put the kit together per the instructions, hooked it up to a 45W PV panel
and a dead car battery (just for testing), and it just plain worked!  The
whole thing took me about 10 hours, and it still isn't in an enclosure, but
I was going extra slowly and being extra careful.  Great kit a great price!

Thanks, reviewed the SCC3 in 2005, the build order sequence was changed as a result of this review.

Honorable mention should go to Peter Hudson for using several SCC3 kits in his amazing solar and pedal powered Homouroboros sculpture. There is a YouTube video that shows this amazing contraption in use.

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