SCC3 Circuit Board, Assembled SCC3 Wiring Diagram
Photo of an assembled SCC3 kit. SCC3 wiring diagram

SCC3 - 12 Volt 20 Amp Solar Charge Controller Kit

The SCC3 kit is the heart of a 12 Volt solar power system, it regulates the charging of batteries from photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. A charge controller is an essential part of any solar power system.

A 12 Volt solar power system can provide power to a wide variety of devices such as lighting systems, Ham and CB radios, car stereos, cell phone chargers, laptop computers, televisions, recording equipment, fans, water pumps and other 12V DC loads. With the addition of a DC to AC inverter, the DC power can be converted to 120 Volts AC for running many household electronic devices.

The SCC3 is suitable for stationary and portable solar power systems. It is an excellent choice for emergency backup and stand-alone building power systems. The SCC3 is also perfect for recreational vehicle solar power systems. Combine the SCC3 with a solar panel and rechargeable battery for a reliable source of DC power that's available, even when the power company is not.

Controls and indicators include a battery float voltage adjustment, a battery equalize (overcharge) switch and a red/green Charge/Float LED.

See the SCC3 specifications for details on the kit's capabilities.

The SCC3 Photo Gallery shows some real-world uses of the SCC3.

The SCC3 kit makes a great student project, it can be used as the foundation for many solar powered projects. The efficient design is suitable for charging large banks of lead acid batteries or small packs of rechargeable cells.

The kit includes:

Batteries, solar panels, and solder are not included with this kit.

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